get out of there cat. that is a fruit bowl, and you are not fruit.



#adventuretime is fucking awesome 


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cant wait to have my own house

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it's hot when you post dicks haha. circumcised looks really nice tbh. when did you first realise you preferred it?

circumcised are the very best kind.. it really turns me on. hahah and i realised after having sex with a circumcised guy and then with a  non circumcised 


don’t fuck with me when I’m getting high, ✌

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who wants to smoke with me? 💎

i really want

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Do don’t be afraid, I can’t erase memories with the actions I seize and I can’t not erase your smiles and your eyes (…) the only way for me to move on is to write in a song that life goes on and I’m kicked off this earth.